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The Law On The Protection Of Personal Data

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In normal condition, personal data that are not shared face to face, nowadays they become shareable voluntarily in social media and during the transaction of the electronic trading.

The persons who use these platforms are sharing large part of their life, lifestyle, habits, political, sexual preferences, vocational careers, vacation and holiday preferences, identity information, location information, contact and communication information and such as without any constraint or legal constraint. On the other hand, even the states hold a good deal of personnel data for able to give service, commercial and advertisement activities, and sharing these data between the public institution and companies. There are a lot of offence are committing by stealing these data by ill-wisher person and the evidences are being obfuscated on easy terms In line with these developments, European Union has enhanced many standards in order to protect the privacy, and more frequently reminds the technology firms about the rules on the protection of the privacy, and apply criminal sanctions on the one who violates the rules. As in our country; the protection of personal data Law numbered 6698 became effective on 07/04/2016 by publishing the official Gazette, relevant regulations started to issue, some notices have been published. At the EU harmonization process, European Union frequently mentioned that our local legislation falls short. Using data by the uncontrolled persons generates the risk of using maliciously against to the persons and their relatives. our law firm; provides training and consulting service on the facts of the protection of the personal data, in case of to be used these sensitive data maliciously we generate the solution by applying sharpishly to the legal procedures.